Demand safe seas for whales

The oceans around Australia are home to incredible marine life - whales, dolphins, turtles, and fish. But right now they’re at risk. Australia’s whole network of marine parks is currently under review and cutbacks are being considered. As part of the review the Government is seeking community feedback - we have until 31 October to lodge a submission and demand that marine parks are protected.

Protect them now

In 2012, Australia made history by declaring the largest network of marine parks in the world, protecting marine life right around the Australian coast. The parks provide sanctuaries - so animals like southern right whales have safe nurseries to breed after travelling all the way from Antarctica.

But right now, the Government is considering cutbacks to marine parks and new applications for oil and gas developments have been lodged - our precious areas are at risk.

Right now we have an urgent opportunity. The deadline has been extended and we have until 31 October to let the National Parks Director Sally Barnes, and Federal Environment Minister Josh Frydenberg know that we want marine parks protected. The public submission process is our chance to say:

Yes! Please protect our oceans and the gentle giants that call them home.

Protect them now

What does this mean?

Get to know the whales that visit Australian waters:

Southern right whales reside principally along the coastline off southern Western Australia and far west South Australia between late April and early November to breed before returning to Antarctic waters in summer.

Blue whale sightings in Australian waters are widespread and occur around the continent at various times of the year. Significant feeding areas for blue whales are around the southern continental shelf.

During their annual migration, humpback whales travel up to 10,000 km to sub-tropical waters where they mate and give birth, swimming along Australia’s eastern coastline each year between April and November.

Thank you for your action!

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